Patient Education

You may be surprised at the emphasis we at JSG place on educating each patient about their medical problems and treatment. However, we know that the more patients know about their disorders, the more likely will be a good response to therapy. So, please explore the 2 sections below. On the left is a personal approach to and recommendations for a healthy, long and satisfying life, as well as a happy bowel pattern. It has been written by the founder of and the author of all the patient education materials on the entire site. This part, Health Essays, additionally, has separate sections, On Good Health, the Jackson Fiber Cocktail, the Jackson Fountain of Youth, the Scientific Method, Vitamin-Mineral-Herb Mania, Quackery and the FDA, Losing Weight, Healthy Eating, and Fiber, Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, and Aspirin, Hormones and Others. On the right are those sections which deal specifically with gastroenterology – Diseases and Disorders, Procedures, Diets, Drugs, Endoscopic Images and Links to other gastroenterology sites.

The Saga of

This website,, is a remarkable story. In 1998 I opened the site for my solo office practice. Having written extensive patient education materials over the years, I placed all of this on the site, primarily for my patients, but also for those few others elsewhere who, I thought, might want to learn from them. Then something quite amazing happened. Rather quickly it began to attract a huge number of visits from all over the country, indeed from around the world. The site and its ad free information is now one of the most popular gastroenterology sites on the web. All the search engines give it and its contents very high, frequently the number 1 ranking, for most of the topics. It competes favorably with the Mayo Clinic, universities, non profit organizations and commercial sites. This happened with a solo physician writing clear patient education materials and simply following his own ego, wanting to put something accurate and worthwhile on the web without expecting anything in return. This is not entirely true as this has been a very richly rewarding personal experience for me, better than money in the bank in many ways. Now I am retired but am still vigorously interested in things medical, following my interests where they lead me, writing, inventing, reading, etc.