Normal Colon

Here you see images of the rest of the colon. Image 1 shows the typical pinkish red of the colon. You can see the very thin red veins in the bowel wall. Also seen are the normal circular folds within the colon that contract and move contents along. Image 2 is that of the transverse colon which often has a triangular appearance. Image 3 is that of the sigmoid colon, low down in the left abdomen and just above the rectum. You see here that the circular folds are deeper and more frequent. These folds contract vigorously and act as a brake to regulate the stool reaching the rectum. Image 4 is the rectum. The black endoscope tube can be seen entering the rectum. The endoscope has made a U-turn and is looking back at itself. You can see small bluish round hemorrhoids next to the scope.